We make heat work

At the Radiator Emporium we know radiators can be a form of beauty.

Gone are the days of having to try to hide your radiators in a radiator cover that blocks all the heat or gloss over it in an attempt to make it look more acceptable. We pride ourselves on being able to offer a fully customisable service to help you choose a radiator that can be a feature of a room or simply merge into the background by having it painted the same colour as your wall.

The options are almost limitless and yes it is true..radiators can be functional and beautiful!

Hand made, hand polished, hand painted... here in the UK.


Uncountable noun. Craftsmanship is... the skill that someone uses when they make beautiful things with their hands.

Look very closely and you will notice how the light shimmers off this radiator, each section has been carefully polished by hand. Even for a small radiator of this size it can take a process of 6-8 hours

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